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Judging from the recent trends in the development of the retail market, it can be easily found out that the most successful way to develop trade is to represent it by a recognizable brand.

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Buying a franchise actually means buying a prosperous business!

Until today, Van Cliff collections have been produced in Russia for almost 20 years. During this time we have sold several million suits. Our own production not only guarantees stable operation of the company, but also allows us to respond flexibly to changes in demand, fashion tendencies and all the other market fluctuations, let alone retail customers’ demands.

In our manufacturing system we use Italian technology, which is unique for the market. Thus, our product meets the highest international standards at a perfectly acceptable price for the largest segment of the consumer market — the middle class.

Currently there are 70 successfully operating own brand stores and franchise of Van Cliff, and none of the stores was closed since its opening. Our usually recommended retail area is 80-150 sq.m.

Van Cliff franchise benefits:

• Quick start of Your business under the famous brand

• Working in a prosperous and profitable sphere of men’s clothing

• The flexibility of the franchise. We offer suits for four price segments: medium (-), middle, middle (+) and a top-class, which is represented by the trade mark Forremann. All suits harmoniously coexist with each other on a single trading area because of their extraordinary quality. Thus, franchisees have the opportunity to choose the store format and cover the maximum range of consumers.

• Vast assortment – more than 300 models per year

• High quality

• Best prices

• Special benefits and preferences for franchisees

• We work without intermediaries, with the first prices at all the stages of production. Flexible working conditions provide our partners with maximum profit.

• Our own production in Russia

• Stable supplies in accordance with the schedule

• Quality control certifications

• Guarantee of development in a certain area. Providing with limited (regional) license to use the trademark Van Cliff

• Short payback period: 12-18 months

• The development of individual design project in accordance with corporate standards

• Recommendations of our company specialists to form well-balanced and harmonious Van Cliff collection

• Full information about franchise stores on our official website

The concept of retail network VAN CLIFF development is based on the positioning of the store as your "own", with potential buyers — men, living in modern society, with an active life position, who share the values of the modern world.

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