Quality first of all!

Quality is the main feature of the product. Every day millions of people make their choice, based on this criterion.

Design and Construction

Our highly qualified specialists: designers, fashion modelers, technologists and designers are constantly studying and analyzing the latest innovations and trends in the fashion world that allows us to create high-quality products, which perfectly meet requests of different categories of consumers.
Special attention is paid to the fit of the suits and European patterns are always adapted to the types of figures of buyers.

Professional Equipment

Modern German and Italian equipment with program control allows us to increase productivity, which is beneficial to the cost of manufacture. It also helps to reduce the influence of human factor, in order to create a product that fully meets the world-class standards.

Innovative Technologies

Brand Van Cliff is constantly evolving and uses innovative applied materials, taking into account the physico-chemical features of fabrics. The shape of the suit is an important element of quality. From the manner in which you create the form, the outer look and the wearing lifetime of the product directly depend.

Quality Control

A strict system of quality control allows the company to be proud of almost perfect product. Control is exercised at all the stages of manufacturing clothing: from the purchase of fabrics and applied materials until the shipment of goods to final buyers.

The fit matters!
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